Natural Facials
& Skin Care

A facial with Julie treats so much more than your skin. Pure relaxation and bliss. I always leave with a great sense of calm and wellbeing with skin that glows.

Lesley Kirby, Bank Manager

I have known Julie for several years. She is my ‘Go to’ therapist for the most luxurious and effective beauty treatments. Everyone comments on my radiant skin and I say a ‘big thank you Julie!!!

Josephine Costantino, Tailoress


Rejuvenate, nourish, balance, deep cleanse, soothe and protect. Whatever you want. Whatever you need.

Years of experience as an advanced esthetician and skin care practitioner allow me to create the perfect and ultimate facial treatment for you and your skincare needs.

Using cutting edge, natural skincare products and natural manual skincare techniques throughout your bespoke facial treatment allows me to create and provide you with the very best in facial skincare today.

Allow your skin to be the very best.

Facial Skincare in Brighton and Hove

Natural skincare treatments and products provide essential minerals, natural and botanical plant extracts, vitamins, beautiful fine oils and hydrators to cocoon your skin in the finest of facial treatment therapies.

Powerful minerals provide antioxidants and promote cellular regeneration and renewal. Natural, pure and organic ingredients are the best quiet simply, because they work and produce amazing results. plus they do not contain huge amounts of synthetic chemicals.

Many ordinary skincare products contain vast lists of harmful chemicals. When used regularly, they can actually harm our skin and our environment too.

Natural Facials and Skin Care Benefits

  • The best way to treat and look after your skin
  • Rejuvenates tired dull skin
  • Boost cellular regeneration
  • Decreases and softens lines
  • Deep cleanses the skin
  • Clears complexions
  • Unclogs pores
  • Exfoliates
  • Promotes fresh, beautiful skin

How Natural Facials and Skin Care Works

Products are fabulous for all skin types. Loaded with Protein, collagen and vitamins. When combined with skilled therapeutic knowledge and touch, they are capable of delivering firming, lifting, rejuvenating, collagen and elastin boosting effects to the skin. Without harsh invasive procedures.

Natural facial care to improve your skin, facial care to combat the signs of ageing, facial benefits to let yourself enjoy all of these and a whole host of additional ones too.